All are told to avoid traveling to this New York State landmark. Do you also avoid traveling here?

The Vacationer just released a list of "Cities Americans Avoid Traveling to at All Costs."

Major Cities Americans "Avoid" At All Costs

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The website looked into 34 major cities based on population size and visitor popularity. Then the website polled over 1,000 Americans to find which of 34 major cities "they avoid traveling to at all costs."

Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta topped the list. One city in New York State ranked fourth. Can you guess it?

Americans Avoid Traveling To New York City

Foster + Partners
Foster + Partners

New York City ranked fourth on the list. New York City was once called “The Capital of the World” but 18.07 percent of those polled said they avoid traveling to New York City at all costs.

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Baltimore, Maryland; Anaheim, California; San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; Miami, Florida; and Dallas, Texas round out the top 10 places Americans say they avoid traveling to.

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Of those surveyed, 46.76 percent were men and 53.2 percent were women.

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