Snow may fall in the Hudson Valley during the work week before we see what could be the first significant snowstorm of 2019.

A mix of rain and wet snow Thursday night into Friday morning will likely impact the Friday morning commute, according to Hudson Valley Weather.

As of now, Hudson Valley Weather says "snow amounts of 1 to 3 inches seems possible, but we’ll watch to see if it looks more impressive as we get closer."

The question on everyone's minds, will the Hudson Valley see its first significant snowstorm of 2019 this weekend? Well, Hudson Valley Weather is confident we will see snow, just how much is the question.

Hudson Valley Weather is tracking two scenarios. They believe there's a 50% chance of large snow event or a 50% chance of a wintery mix.

"At this point… it’s probably a 50/50 toss up, between which scenario is more likely. Unfortunately, time is the only solution to this mystery. As we get closer… we should have a better idea. What is quite unlikely… is that this storm completely misses us, Hudson Valley Weather wrote Tuesday morning.

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