Smoke from the deadly wildfires burning in California has made its way to New York.

Meteorologists from the Tri-State area reported the smoke reached the area yesterday evening.

Photos of maps shared by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows the smoke traveling about 3,000 miles spreading from Californa to New York.

New Jersey meteorologist Gary Szatkowski tweeted out another map from the NOAA showing the smoke reaching the area.

The smoke is a major health concern in California but shouldn't lead to any health problems for New Yorkers, according to NBC. However,  it could lead to some beautiful sunsets in the local area.

Kathryn Prociv an NBC News/ Today Show meteorologist and producer confirmed Monday night that wildfire smoke reached the Empire State and tweeted out a photo of the hazy air along the Hudson River. 

Major wildfires still burning in Californa have devasted that state. The Camp Fire, in Northern Californa, is the deadliest in state history with at least 79 deaths and hundreds still missing. Meanwhile, in the southern part of the state, three people are dead from the Woosley Fire.

Last week, the Camp Fire was 40.2 times the size of Poughkeepsie.

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