Weather experts are warning the Hudson Valley to be prepared for a freezing winter with more snow than normal.

Over the weekend, Hudson Valley Weather released their 2018-2019 winter weather outlook.

Hudson Valley Weather says in terms of snow, this winter will be "above average."

"The 26-year average for snowfall in Poughkeepsie is 44.2," Hudson Vally Weather wrote on its website. "From first flake to last flake this winter, we expect to see snowfall totals roughly between 50″ and 65."

On Thursday, Poughkeepsie received about 12 inches of snow, in a record-breaking snowstorm across the Hudson Valley. 

Temperatures are also expected to be below average in the local area, according to Hudson Valley Weather.

Hudson Valley Weather believes December, January and February will all be colder than average.

"February appears likely to be the coldest month of the winter, with the best chances for snow and sustained cold," Hudson Valley Weather said.

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