Viral social media posts have many worried about Hurricane Irma impacting the Hudson Valley. Should we worry?

On Tuesday morning, Hurricane Irma increased into an extremely dangerous Category 5 storm, according to NOAA and Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft data.

Irma is currently packing maximum winds of 175 miles per hour.

At this time, it’s too early to tell exactly where Hurricane Irma is headed. However, forecasters believe there is an increasing chance of the storm making land in Florida later this week and weekend.

According to Hudson Valley Weather, predicting Irma’s impact locally is premature.

“The best thing to do at this time, is to keep calm, and monitor the situation. It will be several days (Wednesday or Thursday) before we begin to have a better idea of where Irma may be heading,” Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook.

The site warns that Irma’s track could impact the entire east coast, from Key West to Canada, but models continue to change.

“Speculating on the impact of Hurricane Irma is really premature at this point. Anyone claiming confidence on the track of Irma is either lying... or is too inexperienced to know better,” Hudson Valley Weather said.

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