Update: This article was updated to include a quote from Village Vapors owner JoAnn M. Provenzano.

After police saved a Hudson Valley women’s life for the alleged fourth time, she was arrested. Police also gave a local man threes doses of Narcan to save his life.

On Thursday, Saugerties police responded to the Village Vape Shop on Partition Street for a reported drug overdose of a woman.

"She was walking the streets in the Village of Saugerties, and wandered into our shop. She sat on our couch, and a few moments later, passed out," Village Vape Shop JoAnn M. Provenzano owner said in an email to the Hudson Valley Post. Provenzano said her son, store manager Vincent Provenzano, called 911 and was told by emergency responders that his quick response likely saved the woman's life.

Officers arriving at the scene found 26-year-old Rebekah M. Cavallaro of Cottekill unresponsive, police say. Officers also allegedly noticed Cavallaro was in possession of a controlled substance.

Police gave Cavallaro Narcan, a drug known to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, and responding EMS personnel established an airway.

Cavallaro regained consciousness and refused any further medical treatment or transportation to a medical facility, police say.

Officers arrested Cavallaro under the New York State mental hygiene law and paramedics from DIAZ ambulance transported Cavallaro to Kingston Hospital, followed by police.

According to Saugerties police, this is the fourth time Saugerties police officers have had to administer Narcan to Cavallaro since May of 2014.

On Friday, Saugerties Police responded to a medical emergency on Victors Lane.

After finding 39-year-old Miles Adams lying in the grass suffering from a likely overdose, officers gave him Narcan.

After three doses of Narcan, Adams began breathing again. He regained consciousness and was transported by DIAZ Ambulance to the Kingston Hospital.

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