The calender just officially turned to fall, but one local weather expert says it's gonna feel a lot like winter.

Hudson Valley meteorologist Ben Noll warns an "arctic cold front" is coming to Upstate New York this week.

Arctic Cold Front Coming To Hudson Valley, New York

Upset young couple having problem with central heating or suffering from cold or flu

"Cool winds of change ~ an Arctic cold front will sweep across the Hudson Valley on Friday evening, (Oct. 7), " Noll wrote on Facebook on Sunday. Can't believe I'm writing that in early October!

Noll is originally from Orange County. He's currently a meteorologist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Auckland, New Zealand. From June 2013 through January 2016 he worked as a meteorologist for AccuWeather.

"The first frost of the season is then possible next weekend Locate your favorite hoodie and dust off the warm blankets. Fall is well and truly here ~ embrace the change," Noll added in his post.

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Temps May Reach As Low As 32 Degrees In Upstate New York

Cold executive working with a heater failure in winter

Noll believes temperatures will hit a high of 70 for the region on Friday, Oct. 7, but then a drastic drop in temperature is coming. The low on Friday is 38 degrees. Temps will barely rise above 50 on Saturday with a low of 32 degrees, according to Noll.

Sunday will see a high of around 57 degrees and a low of 34.

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