A very sophisticated scam is in the Hudson Valley where scammers are posing as police and demanding cash from you.

Recently, an East Fishkill resident received a phone call from “Officer Kevin Smith” of the East Fishkill Police Department. The alleged officer told the resident there was a warrant for his arrest and that if he did not send money, to eliminate the warrant, he would be arrested.

Making this scam seem more legit is the fact that the man told police the phone number on the caller ID was 845-221-2111, the phone number for the East Fishkill Police Department.

According to East Fishkill police, technological advancements allow scammers to spoof numbers. Police offered the following tips:

  • The East Fishkill Police Department will never call and ask for anyone to send money to vacate a warrant or face arrest.
  • The only person who can have a warrant withdrawn is a Judge in the court in which it was issued.
  • Residents should always feel free to contact the East Fishkill Police Department if they have any questions or concerns with regards to suspicious activity or potential scams.
  • Advancements in technology allow people to "SPOOF" (change the number shown on caller ID) call recipients.
  • If the East Fishkill Police Department calls you, feel free to call us back to confirm the legitimacy.

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