A Putnam County hero acted like a superhero in a movie when he saved two lives by moving them from a burning car, seconds before it exploded.

He just received the "DEC's highest recognition."

ECO Pulls Man from Burning Vehicle in Town of Carmel, Putnam County, New York.

On April 7, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officer Daniel Franz was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle that was on fire and hanging over the edge of an embankment at the intersection of Route 301 and Gipsy Trail Road in the town of Carmel.


Officer Franz sprang into action after noticing there was a man and his dog trapped inside the vehicle after the crash. The fire was spreading quickly underneath the vehicle and the driver was unable to get out on his own, according to the DEC.

Franz then crawled into the burning car through the passenger side, retrieved the dog and pulled the driver out of the mangled car.

The Putnam County officer then dragged the man a few yards away just moments before the car exploded into a ball of fire.

Emergency Medical Services transported the man and his dog for a medical evaluation. Officer Franz was unscathed and continued his patrol that evening, according to the DEC.

An Officer and a Hero - Putnam County


Recently, in recognition of what the DEC calls his "selfless and courageous service," DEC Commissioner Seggos presented Officer Franz with the Commissioner's Meritorious Service Award, which according to the DEC is the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's highest recognition.

"ECO Franz made a split-second decision to place the safety of another before his own and pulled the man and his dog out of the car seconds before it burst into flame," the DEC wrote in a press release.

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