Top New York State officials are trying to do their part to keep New Yorkers alive during this "record-setting" heat wave.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is urging New Yorkers to prepare for the heat wave.

Ahead Of Record-Setting Extreme Heat, Governor Hochul Deploys Statewide Resources


Hochul is doing her part to ensure Empire State residents are prepared and safe during what is expected to be a "record-setting" heatwave.

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"A prolonged period of heat and humidity is anticipated to affect the entire State Tuesday through Friday. A combination of high temperatures in the 90s and high humidity will lead to heat index values or “feel-like” temperatures in the upper 90’s to mid-100’s for consecutive days in the Capital Region, and Central, Western, and Northern New York," Hochul's office states.

The heat wave "may bring historic successive days of extreme heat," according to Hochul's office.

Hochul Urges New Yorkers To Take Precautions To Protect Their Health

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The heat is expected to peak by Thursday. Temperatures may be 5 to 15 degrees above normal.

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“Heat waves can be dangerous – with one expected this week, I encourage New Yorkers to take precautions necessary to stay safe and avoid exhaustion,” Hochul said.

The Governor believes all New Yorkers should stay up to date on their local forecast, stay hydrated and "postpone outdoor activity as much as possible."

Heat Kills More Than Any Other Weather Event


Heat is the #1 weather-related killer. Extreme heat actually kills more than hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods combined, according to the NOAA.

Around 1,220 people in the United States are killed by extreme heat every year, the CDC reports.

Officials say to follow these tips to stay safe during a heat wave.

Tips To Say Safe During a Heat Wave In New York State

The National Weather Service says to follow these tips to stay safe during a heat wave. 

National Guard Called In To Help


Hochul has activated 50 members of the New York National Guard to provide assistance as needed.

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New York State is also working to ensure cooling centers are available in every county of the state. Some beaches and pools may open ahead of schedule.

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