New Yorkers hitting the road for the upcoming holiday are told to avoid gas stations at a number of locations.

AAA says a record-breaking number of people, over 70 million, plan to travel at least 50 miles for the Fourth Of July holiday. Most of the 70 million plan to drive. Below we have the best and worst times to drive throughout the next week.

If you are heading out of state, be warned, that several states are telling others to avoid filling up their gas tanks.

Highland Speedway, Route 299

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Newsweek reports people in parts of California, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan should avoid or delay trips to the gas stations.

In California, the National Weather Service says to "delay trips to the gas station" until the evening around Los Angeles County and Imperial County.

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If you're heading to Indiana, its advised to wait to fill up your gas tank until after 8 p.m., in the southeastern parts of the state including Indianapolis.

The same applies for parts of Ohio, including in and around Columbus.

Officials are also asking all to "avoid refueling their cars" in southeastern Michigan, including Detroit.


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The warnings are due to air quality concerns in those states.

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