A Hudson Valley man is clinging to life after police say he jumped from a moving truck naked.

John Rodas, 34, of Gardiner suffered a life-threatening head injury on Sunday after he jumped from a moving truck on Route 7 in Connecticut.

The driver of the truck told police Rodas was naked when he jumped into the back of the truck and later jumped off the moving truck and landed in the road, NBC reports.

Police in Connecticut believe Rondas was smoking crack inside a Days Inn motel room prior to the incident.

“The naked man was staying at the Days Inn in Redding on Route 7 doing drugs in his room decided to get naked,” Redding Police Chief Mark O’Donnell told The Stamford Advocate Monday afternoon.

According to police, Rodas was seen running on Route 7 near the motel room in Redding, C.T. before jumping into the back of a slow-moving truck. The truck driver called 911 but continued driving. Rodas jumped out of the moving truck in Wilton, C.T.

Rodas was found seriously injured lying naked on Route 7 in Wilton, C.T., police say.

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