Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in Westchester County. The mother and father of three young children were both found dead inside their home.

Mount Vernon police found a man and woman dead inside their Westchester County home early Sunday morning. Police report both were killed from what appears to be gunshot wounds.

Mother, Father Found Dead Inside Westchester County, New York Home


Authorities believe the man and woman were killed in a murder-suicide. Their names have not been released. Police did not release if they figured out who died first.

"We've been talking about mass shootings and regular shootings all around the country, and to be awakened by a phone call from my chief of police, I knew that it was not good news. And to understand, you know, how the incident unfolded, it was just very heartbreaking," City of Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard said.

Police Investigate Apparent Murder-Suicide In Mount Vernon, New York

The couple's three young daughters were reportedly inside the home at the time.


"It's sad. Once I found out that it was a couple and both of them are dead and the three kids involved, that's really sad," neighbor Eddie Jones said told CBS News.

The children were not injured. They are now safe and with family members. Patterson-Howard confirmed the children and family are being provided with mental health resources.

"Lord God On This Morning I Pray That You Would Keep and Cover Our Community. Especially Remember Our Children, Elders and Families. 🙏🏽💔🙏🏽, Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon Shawyn Patterson-Howard wrote on Facebook after the apparent murder-suicide.

Patterson-Howard also confirmed there were no calls of domestic violence from the home in the past. Police are talking with family, friends, and neighbors to try and learn what happened. Neighbors say the unnamed mother and father were both "quiet" neighbors.

It's unclear what led to the shootings.

Mount Vernon is called the "Jewel of Westchester," according to Mayor  Patterson-Howard

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