On Easter Sunday, Marc Molinaro made it official on his Facebook page. Yes, the once youngest mayor in the country is going to run for the highest office in the state: Governor of New York. The announcement was made via a video that was produced as more of a campaign-style ad.

In the announcement, he talks about believing in your public officials again. He says they should be held to a higher standard and talks about the state of affairs in Albany. He notes that there's a disconnect between Albany and Washington, alluding to the current tension between President Trump and Governor Cuomo.

Molinaro started in politics at the age of 18, serving on the board of trustees in the Village of Tivoli. At the age of 19, he was elected the youngest mayor ever in the United States. He served as the mayor in the Village of Tivoli for five terms. Then in 2006, was elected an assemblyman. Currently, he serves as the Dutchess County Executive, the youngest ever in the United States.

Obviously, Molinaro has his sights set on becoming governor, but what about a presidential run in the future? Back in 1995, when he was elected Mayor in Tivoli, 48 hours filmed a piece on the youngest Mayor. Watch the last few minutes of the video interview. He talks about a presidential run in that interview.

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