In a video you have to see to believe, a man decided to paddle board across the Hudson River in a suit.

On Thursday, ferry riders were shocked when they noticed a man attempting to paddleboard across the Hudson River in a full suit and dress shoes. Video of this bizarre scene quickly went viral on social media.

The man on the paddle board is named Scott Holt. He decided to paddle board across the Hudson River to save money and because he was late to a meeting.

“I was late for my meeting and I don’t like to be on other people’s time, so I chucked the board in there and figured I’d take it for a free ride,” Holt told 7 News Boston.

Holt, a comedian from New Jersey, says the trip took about 30 minutes and somehow he stayed dry! Although there were a few close calls.

"There were wakes hitting me from all different directions and that got a little hard to get surprised by a wave," Holt said to ABC 7. "I for sure almost went in a couple times.

Holt said he was more thirsty than he expected and wished he brought more than just a coffee with him. He then had an issue when he ported at a closed down water taxi dock.

“The police and the New York waterway people came up to me and they were not happy with me,” he told 7 News Boston.

No word on what happened with the police, but Holt made it to his meeting on time. As for his return trip, Holt opted to take the ferry home.

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