On multiple occasions, a Hudson Valley man allegedly put many people's lives at risk, including his families, by tampering with gas lines at a Hudson Valley apartment building.

Recently, Hyde Park police responded to the Arbors Apartments on Hook Road for a report of gas odor coming from the building. Arriving officers entered Building # 15 and noticed a strong odor of natural gas coming from the building, police say.

Police quickly evacuated everyone from the building.

After speaking and working with the Fairview Fire Department, it was determined the point of origin was a crimped gas line in the common laundry room on the bottom floor.

Police noticed there were many similar calls involving gas lines that were tampered with and information was developed that Kenneth Brown, 27, who lives in the building, was a person of interest, according to Hyde Park police.

After talking with Brown, it was determined that there were many inconsistencies with his story and he later confessed to three incidents where he knowingly and intentionally tampered with the gas lines that supply the laundry room, police say.

During the most recent incident, Brown said he knew his family was inside their home when he tampered with the gas line, officials say.

Brown was charged with three counts of reckless endangerment, and criminal tampering, felonies. He was remanded to the Dutchess County Jail on $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 bond.

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