It was around this time last year that Sullivan County New York had reports of destructive wild pigs. Property owners were reporting damage and packs of pigs traveled through fields and yards.

Since last year it seems that various New York State agencies have been working hard to keep the wild pig population from spreading throughout New York. Considered an invasive species feral pigs and wild boars can do thousands of dollars worth of damage in one trip through a yard.

Authorities in New York State are Monitoring a Super Pig from Canada

The Eurasian Boar and something they now call the Super Pig out of Canada are being closely monitored. The goal is to catch them and eliminate them before the population can grow. Pigs are very prolific.

Feral pigs are considered an invasive species in New York State. Both the New York State DEC and the United States Department of Agriculture have spent a lot of time trying to eradicate the Eurasian Boar and its hybrids from New York State. The key now is to prevent their reintroduction.

Can You Hunt a Eurasian Pig in New York State

In case you are wondering it is illegal to hunt, take, or trap Eurasian Pigs and their hybrid feral pigs in New York. It is also illegal to possess, sell, distribute, trade, or transport them. Importing, breeding, and releasing are also not permitted.

They can be very destructive to farmland and property. The other issue is that outside of hunting they really don't have any other predators. That being said there is evidence that the bear population in New York could help manage part of the population as it is made clear in the video below from Tennessee. (Warning it Contains graphic images and should not be watched at work.

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Areas in Sullivan County have reported feral pig sightings. It appears that they are coming over the Pennsylvania border. Typically feral pigs prefer a warmer climate than New York but milder winters and pig population growth have led to them spreading north.

How Did Feral Pigs End Up in the United States

The Noble Research Institute (NRI) put this great video together to explain how wild pigs developed in the United States. It took a combination of events to reach the level of feral or wild pigs that we have today roaming across most parts of the US. According to the NRI wild pigs can be destructive to farmland, they can pass diseases on to livestock and even humans.  NRI also mentions that they are opportunistic eaters so they can disrupt wildlife and food chains in an environment.

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