A former corrections officer living in the Hudson Valley has been inducted into a powerlifting Hall of Fame.

Mike Manzo of Ulster County began lifting at age 20 and in the early 1980s got into powerlifting.

In 1988, he competed in his first drug-free powerlifting meet in Californa. He soon started training many athletes and celebrities and was Muhammad Ali's bodyguard when Ali was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Shortly after, Mike became a corrections officer in New York and began developing exercise and weight management programs for officers in New York.

In 1997, Manzo broke the C3-C4 of his cervical spine in a head-on collision. Weeks later, on his way to the doctors, he was involved in second car accident, breaking his jaw.

At the time he was told his powerlifting career was over.

Mike didn't accept that fate and crafted his own rehab. After two years, he was able to start powerlifting again and he began conducting workshops and clinics in many gyms including Gold’s Gym in Middletown.

His drug-free powerlifting career in the WNPF continues to this day. According to the Strength and Power Hall of Fame, to date, he's won three world championships and holds one world record. He has 20 national championships and holds 11 national records. He has 19 state championships and holds 13 state records and was awarded best lifter at the 2011 world championships.

Because of all those accomplishments and much more Manzo was inducted into Strength and Power Hall of Fame. Congrats Mike!

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