A Hudson Valley girl’s voice is featured in a national commercial, moving many to tears.

If you ever watch videos on YouTube, you know at some point you are going to get hit with an advertisement.

Well recently, during a YouTube ad for Windex, within seconds, I was mesmerized by a woman’s voice. I quickly realized the voice sounded familiar.

After some research, I was right, I had heard the voice before. Featured in the Windex commercial, Grace VanderWaal’s, “Beautiful Thing.”

I wasn’t the only one moved by the Suffern resident’s incredible voice.

“How does this girl's voice make me cry? I am relieved that I am not the only grown man reduced to tears by this girl,” mw30814 wrote on the YouTube video which has been viewed over 5.3 million times as of this writing. (Bloggers Note: I didn’t cry, but the song did give me goosebumps.)

While most were moved by VanderWaal’s unbelievable voice, others were shocked to learn she’s only 13 and performed the song at 12.

The Suffern resident performed her original song in 2016 on “America’s Got Talent.” On the show, judge Simone Cowell compared the then 12-year-old to Taylor Swift.

VanderWaal blew away the judges on "America's got Talent," with many goose-bump inducing performances, in route to winning the competition.

If you haven't heard the song, here's the video:


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