A Hudson Valley city is banning outdoor smoking in public places.

Starting on May 1, the City of Newburgh will ban outdoor smoking in public places and fine those caught doing so, City of Newburgh Councilman Anthony Grice confirmed to Hudson Valley Post.

"It is by no means telling people to stop smoking especially in the privacy of their own home or where it is allowed. What it is asking is to be mindful of others," Grice said in an email to Hudson Valley Post.

The bill is intended to reduce litter and possible contamination from discarded cigarettes in public places and reduce the likelihood that a young person starts smoking by decreasing public smoking in places a young person will likely be present, according to the bill amendment obtained by Hudson Valley Post.

Smoking will be banned in parks, outdoor recreation areas, outdoor dining areas, mobile vending and outdoor events at City-owned properties.

"While it might inconvenience a few people, the main residents I was thinking about were children and elderly who may be suffering from asthma or other breathing difficulties and the other adverse effects of secondhand smoke," Grice said.

First-time offenders will be fined at least $50, a second violation faces of a fine of up to $100 while a third-violation fine won't be more than $250.

POWR against Tobacco, an organization that is leading the effort in the Hudson Valley on banning smoking outdoors, is offering free signs, materials, and outreach, according to Grice.

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