An investigation is underway after a Hudson Valley grocery store employee allegedly made multiple anti-Semitic remarks to a coworker.

On Friday, the girl's mother said on Facebook her daughter was working at Mother Earth’s Storehouse in Kingston on Monday when a coworker "turned the light off in the produce cooler and told her 'you’re in the gas chamber,'" then added another anti-Semitic remark.

According to Jackie Winder Shabanowitz, her daughter was later told by management to not speak about the incident and transferred her from the produce section of the store, an area she's worked in for over year, to work cash registers.

"The coworker was forced to apologize but still has his job in produce.  On Wednesday, the coworker harassed her again to which she reported to management. She has been in discussion with management every day since the incident. Management has completely failed," Shabanowitz added in her Facebook post.

Mother Earth’s Storehouse commented about the incident on Friday to apologize while adding the employee was no longer employed.

"The Management of our Kingston store would like to apologize to our community for the upset that has occurred. The situation has been handled and the employee is no longer employed by us. We have never, nor will we ever tolerate hate. We were conducting an investigation," Mother Earth's Storehouse wrote.

Then on Monday, Mother Earth’s Storehouse confirmed both employees are no longer working at the grocery store.

"This situation has moved out of our hands, as the two employees are no longer working for us. We are taking what we feel are the necessary steps to ensure that situations like this never happen again. We have hired a Human Resources company to help us with any future situations that could occur. We have mandated our entire staff to complete a training course to prevent these types of instances in the future. Our Management Team will also undergo additional training courses on how to properly handle any future HR situations," Mother Earth's Storehouse wrote.

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