A 22-year-old Newburgh activist died just a few days after she was diagnosed with the flu.

Rebekah Grohl, 22, of Newburgh was diagnosed with the flu over the weekend and died from complications from the flu on Sunday.

"She was unlike anyone I had ever encountered. She was courageous, fierce, loving, compassionate and truly powerful. Her light was unlike any other I have ever seen. She inspired people to care about their community and to help them find their voice. At 22 years old she had knocked on more doors than people three times her age will ever do in a lifetime. She cared deeply about her community and was dedicated to seeing it change for the better," Orange County Legislator Kevindaryan Lujan said on Facebook.

Grohl worked on Lujan's campaign.

"She loved Newburgh, she loved all of our people. She loved the beautiful diversity of our community. And fought every day, quietly and without any recognition to help people find their voice. She was pure good," Lujan said. "My dear friend was ahead of her time. She paved the way for so many who never thought their voice mattered. She dedicated her life to promoting democracy and fighting injustice wherever she saw it. She was a force to be reckoned with. Her legacy the constant reminder that we can and must do better. That we can dream for a better world. And that you start one block at a time, one park, one person at a time."

Grohl also worked on the campaigns for state Sen. James Skoufis and Rep. Antonio Delgado.

“Rebekah Grohl personified the City of Newburgh’s vibrancy, hope, and future. She worked on our Senate campaign last year and was an unquestionable force to be reckoned with.” Skoufis said.

New York State Young Democrats called Grohl a young woman of "strength, courage, determination, and character."

Grohl a Newburgh Free Academy graduate was an advocate for Newburgh and helped change and promote the City of Newburgh.

"Newburgh, had Rebekah's heart she was at every event she breathed and lived for this city. It's a lost {SIC} that we will feel for an entire generation. She was a leader in the community and was going to lead us in the future. She had a bright future and she was dedicated to helping each individual person that she could. At the age of 22 she did more than most in an entire lifetime," Steven Majano wrote on Facebook.

A GoFundMe was created to honor the life of memory of Grohl. As of this writing, in less than 20 hours, nearly $15,000 has been raised.

"Rebekah was a fierce advocate for promoting democracy and civic engagement. She loved Newburgh and always found ways to help promote the beauty of our city," the GoFundMe states.

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