A Hudson Valley man is being credited with helping stop the man accused of killing eight in New York City.

On Tuesday, William Harris of Pearl River was driving his truck on West Street in Manhattan when he heard a collision and spotted a man step out of a truck with two real-looking handguns.

"He kept screaming 'Allahu Akbar' and waving the guns around," Harris told Pix-11. "I don't know if he was looking for another target or not, but he had to keep turning around and looking at me and running away from me."

The other man was Sayfullo Saipov, who is accused of killing eight when he drove a truck onto a bike path in New York City.

Harris, a volunteer firefighter, got out of his truck and started chasing Saipov minutes before police arrived on the scene.

“It feels good, Just stopping the bad guy,” Harris said. "This is New York. You don't mess with us. I didn't think twice. I went after him and I had to stop him.”

Soon, police arrived and shot Saipov. If it wasn’t for the heroic acts of a man from the Hudson Valley its possible Saipov could have killed more as police say he had plans of driving all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Amazing act of heroism from Pearl River resident Bill Harris during the terror attack in New York,” 2017 candidate for Supervisor of Orangetown Chris Day wrote on Facebook. “You've done Orangetown proud!

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