Grandparents from the Hudson Valley were arrested following an investigation into drug trafficking. Officials seized around $60,000 worth of narcotics.

According to the Rockland County District Attorney's Office, authorities shut down a large-scale drug operation when they seized over 1,900 prescription pills and other drugs from a married couple’s home and vehicle.

“The drugs which the defendants are alleged to have trafficked in each have a street value of $25 to $30 a pill and are popular among addicts, despite posing serious health risks,” District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe said in a statement. “We have seen a huge rise in the use and abuse of prescription painkillers in our region. Drugs such as oxycodone are extremely potent and have a high potential for abuse and death. Shutting down sources such as alleged in this case will save lives.”

During the past month, the Rockland County Drug Task Force, along with the Town of Orangetown Police Department, focused on complaints of possible drug dealing near the Famelico residence. An undercover operation conducted at the Courtland Gardens apartment complex on East Crooked Hill Road in Pearl River led to a vehicle traffic stop and the recovery of several prescription pills.

A court-authorized search warrant executed at the Famelico's residence led to the seizure of 1,900 prescription pills consisting of Xanax, OxyContin, Clonazepam, Diazepam and Suboxone.

Rockland County District Attorney’s Office

Additionally, over five pounds of marijuana, three ounces of marijuana wax, THC Gummy Candy and more than $18,000 in cash was seized.

Rockland County District Attorney’s Office

Drug paraphernalia, including THC inhalers, marijuana wax containers, scales and packaging materials, was also confiscated.

Aniello Famelico and Linda Rose Famelico, both 59 years-old from Pearl River were charged with 4th and 5th-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and 3rd-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, felonies.

Aniello Famelico is being held at the Rockland County Jail on $7,500 bail. Linda Famelico was remanded to the Rockland County Jail based on two prior felony charges.

If convicted, both defendants face up to 20 years state prison.