A Hudson Valley father and son were sent to jail following an investigation into a school shooting threat.

On Thursday, Bruce Chargois of Saugerties was sentenced to six months in the Ulster County Jail. Chargois apologized to his family, the Saugerties community, and Saugerties High School where he and every member of his family had attended, during what the Ulster County District Attorney's Office describes as "a very emotional sentencing hearing."

He also expressed remorse for his actions and accepted full responsibility for what he had done, officials say.

Both were arrested by members of the Town of Saugerties Police Department in February 2018 after an investigation into Instagram posts made by Conner.

Connor’s posts expressed his envy for Columbine High School shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Connor was a student at Saugerties High School at the time he made the posts.

The post, which can be seen by CLICKING HERE, was shown to a teacher at Saugerties High School. The teacher brought it to the attention of the school administration, who brought it to the School Resource Officer.

Chargois later confessed he wrote the note, police say.

During the investigation, police seized several rifles, including an Uzi machine gun and an AR-15 assault rifle, from Bruce Chargois’ business, according to police.

Police allege Connor Chargois manufactured the guns in the basement of the Chargois home.

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