Police are trying to determine how a child fatally fell out from a window at a home in the Hudson Valley.

Over the weekend, the Town of Wallkill Police Department confirmed a teen died after falling from a window.

Fatal Fall From Window In Town Of Wallkill, New York


Police responded to an apartment at 4 Edward Diana Way in the Town of Wallkill, New York on Thursday around 10:45 p.m.

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Police were told a 15-year-old fell from a window at Apartment 60.

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Arriving officers found the 15-year-old child lying on the ground, unresponsive. The child's name or gender wasn't released.

Teen Dies After Falling From Window In Orange County, New York


The 15-year-old child was transported to Garnet Health Medical Center by the Town of Wallkill Emergency Medical Services.

The child was later pronounced deceased at the hospital, according to the Town of Wallkill Police Department.

It remains unclear how the child fell from the window.

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"The ongoing investigation into this incident is being conducted by the Town of Wallkill Detectives," the Town of Wallkill Police Department stated in a press release.

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