A man who said he was going to kill a Hudson Valley woman and later fled to Russia is heading to prison.

On Wednesday in Putnam County Court, 29-year-old Anthony Magliocco of Connecticut was sentenced to 14 years in state prison after a jury trial found him guilty of burglary and bail jumping in March.

On August 28, 2014, Magliocco arrived unannounced at the victim’s home in the Town
Of Southeast, entered without warning and immediately attacked his victim, declaring that he had come to kill her, officials say.

During the attack, Magliocco forcefully prevented a witness from calling 911 but fled the scene once the victim herself was able to dial 911.

State Police responded to the scene and immediately reached out to the Newtown Connecticut Police for help.

During the proceedings, Magliocco failed to appear in court and instead boarded a flight from JFK airport and fled to Russia.

He was apprehended on an arrest warrant almost a year later when he returned from Russia to Los Angeles.

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