A very popular breakfast, lunch and coffee business in the Hudson Valley was sold.

According to a Facebook post, Sweet Pea's Cafe in New Windsor is now under new ownership.

Kim McDonnell opened up the cafe in 2014, offering fresh breakfast and lunch meals. Each menu item was named after a song.

McDonnell sold the business to "move on with other creative adventures," according to the Facebook post.

The good news, it appears the cafe will remain the same. As of this writing, the menu hasn't changed and menu items are still named after hit songs. For example, Dream On, Three Little Birds, It's a Wonderful World and Born to Be Wild. 

"Seamless transition of service continues," new owners John and Nina wrote on Facebook. "Kim has sought out buyers who really appreciate the business, understands how to operate it properly, and is keen and capable of developing its future potential."

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