A bear was spotted roaming near a local playground. Police warn, more sightings are highly likely.

Monday afternoon, East Fishkill police received reports of a bear on a neighbor’s property in the area of Quail Run Road in Wiccopee.

Because the home is near a park and playground, a police officer responded. However, the bear was gone by the time the officer arrived, police say.

Police warn that this time of year young bears move from their den to find their own territory. Adding, it’s extremely likely you could spot a bear moving through yards in search of food in the near future.

Officials recommend that you keep garbage cans inside garages or sheds and take down bird feeders, since they may attract bears looking for an easy meal.

It’s also suggested that you supervise young children and pets while outside and warn older children to come inside and not approach bears, if one is spotted.

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