Officials are trying to figure why a man accused of killing a lower Hudson Valley grandmother was free despite allegedly tried to rape a woman at a hospital a few months ago.

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Blanchard Glaudin, 25, of Spring Valley was charged with murder on Tuesday. Glaudin is accused of entering the Finklestein Library in Spring Valley around 2 p.m. and repeatedly stabbing 52-year-old Sandra Wilson with a large kitchen knife.

Wilson, who has worked at the library for years and recently became a grandmother, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

NBC reports, prior to the murder Glauding was upset with Wilson because she requested he turn down the music he was playing through his headphones.

Glaudin was previously charged with attempted rape in November for allegedly trying to rape a woman at Nyack Hospital, according to ABC.

ABC reports, bail was set at $100,000 and Glaudin was released. Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Walsh is trying to figure out how this happened.

"The question has arisen as to how Blanchard Glaudin could be out of jail after charges for a felony crime had been lodged against him stemming from an incident that happened in the Town of Orangetown in November 2019," Walsh said in a press release. "Although I was not in the office on that date, I have directed my executive team to examine all documents and minutes related to this case. Rest assured, I will investigate this issue and reveal the findings as soon as possible. Currently, the main focus of my office right now must be to ensure that we deal with the senseless killing of Ms. Wilson. My office will work tirelessly to prosecute Mr. Glaudin and to provide justice to all involved."

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