In a feel-good story, Hudson Valley police were shocked when $4,000 found in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant was turned over to police.

On Friday, the Kingston Police Department received a call from an Eng’s employee who said two customers found a bank bag that contained $4,000 in the parking lot behind the Chinese restaurant.

Police took the bank bag and a short time later the owner was found.

The money belonged to the owner of an undisclosed Kingston business. The owner didn’t expect someone to turn in a large sum of money and was very thankful for the kindness of the strangers who found the money, police say.

“We are happy to have played a small part in this happy story,” Kingston police wrote on Facebook. “Usually, the only time we get involved is when something is stolen. We want to say thank you to the two people who found the money and thank you to the Eng’s employee who called us.”

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