Two New York supermarkets are accused of trying to sell 500 items that should not have been available to the public.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) Division of Law Enforcement released its Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol report.

Among the times on the most recent report were two New York supermarkets that were found selling "undersized" seafood.

Short Lobster and Untagged Oysters - Queens and Kings Counties

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In total, the DEC found over 500 items that should not have been available for the public to purchase, according to the DEC.

"DEC Environmental Conservation Police Officers and Investigators work hard each day to serve their communities, protect our precious natural resources, and safeguard public health while ensuring those who break the state's stringent Environmental Conservation Laws are held accountable," DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said.

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Undersized Lobsters Found In Queens, New York


On Christmas Eve, ECOs Currey, Keegan, and Kortz visited a supermarket in Queens for what was supposed to be a routine inspection.

Officers found 128 undersized lobsters in a tank and issued the store a Notice of Violation, officials say.

Christmas Eve is notable because many families, mine included, feast on lobster on Dec. 24.

Undersized Lobsters, Untagged Oysters Found In Brooklyn, New York


Two days later, the DEC received a complaint about undersized lobsters offered for sale at a market in Brooklyn.

Arriving officers found allegedly found 245 undersized lobsters and 141 untagged oysters. The unnamed Brooklyn supermarket was also issued a Notice of Violation for various offenses.

The lobsters were donated to a food pantry in New York City.

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Lobsters sold in New York State must have a minimum carapace size of 3.375 inches. The maximum size is 5.25 inches.

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