Following an undercover operation, 13 Hudson Valley businesses are accused of selling alcohol to minors. Twenty businesses passed the test.

Recently the New York State Liquor Authority targeted 500 locations across New York to see if any location would sell to minors.

The SLA sent underage decoys to 506 establishments with liquor licenses, including restaurants, bars, grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores.

"Underage drinking can lead to bad decisions and dangerous situations that can have lifelong consequences or needless tragedy," Gov. Cuomo said. "Through on-going enforcement efforts, we will continue to crack down on this dangerous behavior and target businesses that break the law by selling to minors and underage adults."


141 were cited for illegal sales to minors. Below is the list of Hudson Valley locations which allegedly sold alcohol to minors:

Dutchess County

  • Rhinebeck Mart: 6885 Route 9, Rhinebeck

Rockland County

  • AS Saboor: 327 North Middletown Road, Pearl River
  • 7 Eleven: 191 North Middletown Road, Pearl River
  • Jehanny: 202 East Central Avenue, Pearl River
  • Prajay II: 80 South Broadway, Nyack
  • Nyack Broadway Convenience Store: 76 South Broadway, Nyack
  • Cards Plus: 116 Main Street, Nyack
  • Chestnut Marts: 316 Main Street, Nyack
  • Coco Farms of Nyack: 53 Route 59, Nyack
  • Mini Mart: 4 Waldron Avenue, Nyack
  • The Saloon: 45 West Central Avenue, Pearl River
  • Karma Rest Bar Lounge: 100 Main Street, Nyack
  • Sixty Five on Main: 65 Main Street, Nyack

Licensees charged by the SLA with underage sales face civil penalties of up to $10,000 per violation, with fines starting from $2,500 to $3,000 for a first-time offense. Repeat offenders also face potential suspension or revocation of their licenses.

About 365 businesses refused to sell to underage decoys. The Hudson Valley locations are below.

Dutchess County

  • CVS: 7568 North Broadway, Red Hook
  • CVS: 48 East Market Street, Rhinebeck
  • CVS: 4246 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
  • Cornucopia Deli: 8038 Albany Post Road, Red Hook
  • Stewart’s Shop: 7558 North Broadway, Red Hook
  • Xtra Mart, Deli Joe’s: 2 West Market Street, Red Hook
  • Stewart’s Shop: 7243 South Broadway, Red Hook
  • Rhinebeck Food & Gasoline: 3904 Route 9G, Rhinebeck
  • Fair Grounds Convenience: 6583 Springbrook Avenue, Rhinebeck
  • Rhinebeck Convenience: 142 East Market Street, Rhinebeck
  • Rhinebeck Citgo: 6365 Mill Street, Rhinebeck
  • Hill Top Deli & Market: 5230 Albany Post Road, Staatsburg
  • Rt. 9 Mini Mart: 4912 Route 9, Staatsburg
  • Hyde Park Snack Shop: 4299 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
  • AJ Food Mart: 4152 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
  • Speedway: 3694 Albany Post Road, Poughkeepsie
  • Stewart’s Shop: 3648 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park
  • Chestnut Marts: 3480 North Road, Poughkeepsie

Rockland County

  • PVF Holding LLC: 108 Main Street, Nyack
  • Nyack Shell: 45 North Highland Avenue, Nyack

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