Eleven sex offenders from the Hudson Valley were arrested.

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The Village of Liberty Police Department just announced the results of a sex offender compliance operation that was completed in December 2019.

The operation consisted of multiple investigations into registered sex offenders living in the Village of Liberty who were suspected of violating the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act or conditions of parole or probation, police say.

The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act requires all registered sex offenders to notify authorities when they change their physical address or change internet accounts.

During the investigation, officers visited multiple sex offenders and physically verified both their home address and any internet accounts or identifiers held by the offenders. Along with the officers, members of the New York State Division of Corrections and Community Supervision conducted home visits and searches of offenders under supervision to determine if they had violated any of the conditions of their parole.

In total 28 registered sex offenders were investigated and 11 were arrested. According to police, the 11 arrested and their charges are below:

  • Jared Allen: Violation of parole conditions
  • Ian Andino: Unlawful possession of marihuana
  • Jeremy Davis: Violation of parole conditions
  • Robert Dunn: Violation of parole conditions
  • Richard Gilbert: Tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of marihuana
  • Darrin Ort: Unlawful possession of marihuana
  • Matthew Sanders: Violation of parole conditions
  • Emmanuel Toribio: Violation of parole conditions
  • Richard Vogel: Violation of parole conditions, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, operating a motor vehicle without a license, failure to use turn signal, improper plates, muffler exhaust violation and failure to stop at a stop sign
  • Randy Johnson: Violation of parole conditions
  • Christopher Vandunk: Violation of parole conditions, Level 3 Sex Offender- Failure to verify address 90 days- 1st offense

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