A woman allegedly driving three times over the legal limit of intoxication is accused of crashing into another car in Orange County.

On Wednesday around 5:45 p.m., Monroe police responded to a reported motor vehicle accident in Smith Clove Park.

Responding officers learned that a vehicle turned into Smith Clove Park from Spring Street and was rear ended by a second vehicle which was following it.

Police were told that the driver of the second vehicle was driving erratically on Spring Street before turning into Smith Clove Park.

The driver of the second vehicle, 28-year-old Margot Gschossmann from Martinsville, N.J., had slurred speech and had trouble standing, police say.

After performing field sobriety tests she was arrested for driving while intoxicated and brought to Monroe Police Headquarters where she submitted to a chemical test.

Gschossmann allegedly had a blood alcohol content of .27, three times over the legal limit.

No injuries were reported.

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