"The tribe has spoken," is hopefully words a Hudson Valley won't hear soon.

Season 47 of Survivor is being played as I type, though we won't see the results until the fall.

I've been hooked on Survivor since Richard Hatch won the show's first season, nearly 25 years ago, when the show "changed television forever," according to the Washington Post.

Survivor Finale Show Held At Ed In New York City
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I've seen every episode since I got hooked during season 1. I'm such a fan that after most episodes I'll listen to podcasts and discuss castaway's strategies with friends.

While the show wasn't the first reality TV show, it sparked the reality TV craze that still lasts today.

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Survivor's ratings were so high that TV networks saw the "potential gold mine" to produce shows that were much cheaper to produce than scripted shows.

Even if you don't watch Survivor, it's because of Survivor's success that your favorite reality shows, like Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives, and countless others are on TV today.

Premiere Party For Season 11 Of Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules"
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Nearly 25 years later, Survivor is still on TV, in my opinion, it's still peak reality, which is proven by the amazing ratings it's still generating.

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The past two seasons of Survivor were the number one entertainment shows among adults 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 for the first time since season 2, CBS reports.

Viewership for Season 46's finale was up in many key demos.

During Wednesday night's finale for Season 46, CBS showed a preview for the next season, Season 47 of Survivor, which is actually filming right now.

Hudson Valley Woman Reportedly Cast On Survivor

CBS' "Survivor" 10 Year Anniversary Party - Arrivals
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CBS hasn't announced the names of the upcoming seasons' contestants, but showcased several people who will be competing for $1 million and the title of "sole Survivor."

Despite CBS not officially announcing the cast, the cast leaked on social media. And it appears a woman who was showcased in the trailer is from the Hudson Valley.

Putnam County, New York Woman Featured On CBS

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Putnam Valley, New York Woman Reportedly Cast On Survivor

Sue Smey's Facebook doesn't list her hometown. However, her LinkedIn does confirm she's from Putnam Valley, New York.

So I guess, I know who I'll be rooting for when the new season of Survivor premieres this coming September. The full season preview, featuring Smey is below:

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