A humungous fish that looks like an "alligator" nearly drowned a woman. We've learned this massive fish calls New York State home.

Over the weekend, I got a NewsBreak alert regarding a "Fish Found in New York Can Pull a Person Underwater."

'Alligator' Like Fish Pulls Person Underwater


I did some research and as crazy as that sounds, it turns out to be accurate. In 2020, a Winnipeg woman was injured in an "extremely unusual fish attack."

Kim Driver, who has a lot of fishing experience, said she was in chest-deep waters when she felt something grab her right leg.

“I looked down and I saw the fish’s head, which looked like an alligator, and it just grabbed it and it moved me from side-to-side and then it pulled me under," Driver told Global News.


Driver called out to her family and friends who came rushing to save her.

“All of a sudden she went, ‘somethings got my leg’, and then her arms went up in the air, she went under the water screaming,” her husband added to the Canadian news outlet.

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Kim was left with cuts on her leg and severe puncture wounds in her calf.

Fish Found All Over New York State


The fish that attacked Kim is a Muskellunge or "muskies."

"Muskellunge or "muskies" are the largest members of the pike family, Esocidae, which also includes northern pike, chain pickerel, redfin pickerel and grass pickerel-all native to New York State," the New York State DEC states about the fish. "When muskellunge and northern pike interbreed, they produce a sterile hybrid cross called a tiger muskellunge."

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Ultimate Trophy For New York State Anglers


They are the largest freshwater sportfish in New York State and are considered the ultimate trophy by anglers, according to the DEC.

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"They are the largest freshwater sportfish in New York State and are considered the ultimate trophy by anglers who pursue them," the DEC adds. "Their legendary ability to challenge and confound the angler, their massive size potential, and their well-earned status as top predators, have often inspired anglers to forsake other fish for a chance to encounter the 'fish of 10,000 casts.'"

Where Muskies Live In New York State


Muskies reside in the following water systems across New York State, according to the DEC:

Lake Ontario

Lake Erie

Lake Champlain

Niagara River

St. Lawrence River

Upper Niagara River

Susquehanna River

Allegheny River

Delaware River

Great Chazy River

Waneta Lake

Greenwood Lake

Bear Lake

Cassadaga Lake

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