A teen is lucky to be alive after she fell headfirst into what's described as a little known backwoods swimming hole in the Hudson Valley.

The Town of Tuxedo Police Department reported late Saturday officers received a call about an 18-year-old woman who fell headfirst about 35 feet to rocks below at a backwoods swimming hole in Orange County.

Officers had to swim in 20-feet deep water after finally locating the victim, police say.

With the help of the Tuxedo Volunteer Ambulance Corps, the Tuxedo Fire Department, State Police, MTA Police and NJ Air Med Helicopter Transport, floating rigs were set up and tied to ropes to retrieve the victim.

She was then carried by the cliffside and through makeshift trails in the woods, out to State Route 17 and finally transported to Quarry field to be airlifted to a hospital in New Jersey. Her condition wasn't released.

"This rescue was difficult, taxing to emergency personnel, some of whom had heat difficulties, and incredibly time-consuming, where seconds may count for the victim," The Town of Tuxedo Police Department wrote on Facebook. "Disappearing to a little known backwoods swimming hole might seem a good idea. It isn't. You are miles from help should the unthinkable happen. Please refrain from such locations."

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