A storm earlier this week ripped the roof off a former high school in Chester, NY.

As reported by Hudson Valley Post, a state of Emergency was declared earlier this week in Orange County when severe weather came through the Goshen and Chester area, ripping the roof off the abandoned former Chester High School.

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Thankfully no one was hurt according to the Village of Chester Police, but school officials are trying to decide what to do with the vacant building.

According to the Chester Union Free School District website, they held a meeting Wednesday, with discussion including the Maple Ave building in Chester that was once home to the Chester High School, and abandoned in 2019. A topic of discussion included what to do with the 88-year-old former school after the storm ripped off its roof.

Opinions Mixed as to What to Do With Vacant Building

Over the years, there have been varying viewpoints as to what to do with the building, with some wanting to renovate it while others want it torn down. The district attempted to turn the building into a sports facility in 2020 but the plan was rejected by voters. The town library almost took it over this past school year but realized it wasn't feasible. Future meetings will continue to take place to determine how to move forward.

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What do you think should be done with the former Chester High School building? Let us know your thoughts. Check out the video of the scene after the storm came through courtesy of Rockland Video below.

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