A Hudson Valley man is accused of making a terroristic threat.

On Monday, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office was told that 53-year-old Bryan Miller of Jeffersonville told a social worker he had made a pipe bomb and possessed C-4 explosive.

Miller said he was facing a foreclosure on his home and was depressed. He threatened to harm the police or anyone else who tried to come to his house, police say.

Miller is also accused of showing the social worker a device which was complete with wires and what he claimed was a detonator.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Services Unit responded to the scene along with the State Police Hazardous Device Unit and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives.

When Miller answered the front door of his home, he was tackled by Sheriff's Deputies and taken into custody, police say.

State troopers and the ATF agent then entered the residence and located the device. An x-ray revealed that the pipe bomb was loaded with coins, screws and nails. When the bomb was dismantled, it was discovered that there was no gunpowder or explosive material inside of it, officials say.

No other dangerous material or weapons were found in the home, according to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office.

Miller was charged with making a terroristic threat, a felony. He was sent to the Sullivan County Jail in lieu of $35,000 bail, pending a future court appearance.

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