Police need your help as they hope to end a "BB gun war," involving children in the Hudson Valley that has already injured a number of people.

Over the past few days, Kingston police has responded to numerous calls involving people displaying and shooting BB guns in the Elmendorf Street area.

These incidents have caused damage to property and minor injuries to an undisclosed amount people, police say.

Police were told that neighborhood "kids" are participating in a "BB gun war."

"This 'BB gun war,' has a potential to turn into a very dangerous situation very quickly," the Kingston Police Department wrote on Facebook. "If you know who is participating in this or you are a parent of one of the kids that is joining in this behavior… we ask you to take action and take the BB gun away from them before someone gets seriously hurt or worse."

According to Kingston police, they've received calls reporting a man, woman, or kids with guns. After investigating, police learned the guns were BB guns.

"This has the potential to turn tragic very quickly," Kingston police said.

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