A man was arrested after a dead Hudson Valley woman's home was mysteriously listed for sale. On Friday, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of a New York Man for grand larceny.

Monguap Valley, New York Man Arrested in Sullivan County, New York

On Monday, July 11, 2022, deputies from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office arrested 29-year-old Dakota R. Boyce of Monguap Valley, New York for grand larceny in the third degree, a class D Felony. The Sheriff’s Office began investigating Boyce in April when the family of a dead woman who used to live on Britman Road in the Town of Bethel contacted police to say that someone stole items from the dead woman's home.


Items From Dead Woman's Home Mysteriously Posted For Sale

Items that were taken from the vacant house trailer began showing up for sale on Facebook and other social media sites, police say. The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office continued to monitor the sales until one day when the woman's home was posted for sale.

“We were shocked”, Undersheriff Eric Chaboty stated. “It’s one thing to steal your dead neighbor’s personal items, but to think you could steal her entire residence and get away with it, you’ve got to be kidding."

Feverpitched, Getty Via Canva
Feverpitched, Getty Via Canva

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Sullivan County, New York Man Tried To Sell Dead Woman's Home

Undercover deputies pretended to be interested in buying the vacant house trailer, police say. Undercover officers and Boyce talked for weeks about the sale.

“Initially he wanted $18,000, but when he admitted he didn’t have the title, he dropped the price to $3,000”, Chaboty added.

Sullivan County, New York Man Arrested For Trying To Sell Dead Woman's Home, Police


On Monday, undercover deputies met with Boyce and gave him a down payment of $500 dollars, officials say. Boyce was placed under arrest as soon as he accepted the money, police say.

Boyce was released on an appearance ticket. He is due back in the Town of Bethel court on July 25.

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