Many are disappointed a father and son won't serve jail time following a fire in the Hudson Valley that killed a "hero" firefighter and one resident.

In March of 2021, what proved to be a deadly fire broke out at Evergreen Court Home for Adults in Spring Valley.

‘Hero’ Firefighter, Resident Killed in Massive Nursing Home Fire In Rockland County

Several others were charged in connection to the fire. 79-year-old Oliver Hueston was identified as the resident killed in the blaze.

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Rabbis Plead Guilty In Fatal Spring Valley, New York Fire

On Tuesday in Rockland County Court, Rabbi Nathaniel Sommer and his son Rabbi Aaron Sommer pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal. Nathaniel pleaded guilty to felony manslaughter, while Aaron confessed to misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

Rockland Video
Rockland Video

As part of their plea deal, neither are expected to serve jail time. Lloyd's family and community members were upset with the plea deal.

"We serve our own life sentence, visiting Jared at his cemetery. Meanwhile, they're off celebrating their holidays," Sabrail Davenport, Jared Lloyd's mother told CBS.

The two admitted to unsafe use of torches and charcoal during a Passover cleansing ritual.

Rockland Video
Rockland Video

"The plea deal that merely gives probation for the loss of lives sends a chilling message to all #firstresponders who assume the risks of protecting their communities. In reality, this decision only encourages reckless behavior and puts first responders in needless danger," the Firefighters Association of the State of New York stated. "Probation will allow these individuals to live comfortably at home. The Lloyd family will have to go to the cemetery to visit their son. This is not justice."

The rabbis will be sentenced in September. As part of their plea deal, they will receive probation.

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