A Hudson Valley father experienced a horrific nightmare as he witnessed his car getting stolen with his child inside. Police are asking for help.

On Thursday just after 8 a.m., the Eastchester Police Department received a 911 call reporting a car was stolen in the Green Knolls section of town.

Car Stolen In Westchester County With Child Inside


The car was left running with the keys inside. A child was also inside the vehicle when it was stolen, police say.

The father left the car running to escort another child at a bus stop.

The father noticed another man enter his car. He tried to stop the suspect, but the suspect drove off.

Suspect Lets Child Out Of Stolen Car In Eastchester


The suspect stopped near Scarsdale Avenue and Harney Road and let the child out.

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"Witnesses state that after the suspect removed the child he attempted to reenter the stolen vehicle but once he was observed by witnesses he fled the scene in another vehicle," the Eastchester Police Department stated.

Stolen Car, Child Recovered

Child girl closed in the back of a car on a hot day.

The stolen car was quickly recovered. The child wasn't injured and was reunited with their parents.

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"We are fortunate that no one was harmed in this incident. Unfortunately, over the past two years we have seen a significant increase in the number of stolen automobiles along with larcenies from vehicles," police stated. "As always, we remind residents to remain vigilant of their surroundings, never leave their vehicle running unoccupied, never leave their key inside the vehicle, and ensure to lock their vehicles especially overnight."

The suspect is still at large. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.

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