After a successful pilot program, officials from New York State hope to put "speed assistance technology" on thousands of cars.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently announced the preliminary results of "active intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology."

Speed Limiting Devices Places On New York City Cars

New York Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Votes In Primary
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New York City tested the new technology on 50 city fleet vehicles.

"Speeding ruins lives, so we must take action to prevent it, and New York City is leading by example by implementing new technology to reduce speeds on city fleet vehicles," Adams stated. "Our streets must be livable for everyone, and this technology will ensure that speeding is impossible in city vehicles. We must ensure that everyone can share the street space safely, because traffic safety is public safety."

The technology ensures "almost universal compliance with local speed laws," officials note.

NYC Mayor's Office
NYC Mayor's Office

“The preliminary results are in, and our intelligent speed assistance pilot program has successfully prevented speeding and reduced instances of unsafe driving,” New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) Commissioner Dawn M. Pinnock said.

99% Of Cars In Pilot Program Traveled Within Speed Limit

New York City launched the pilot program in August 2022. From August until mid-January 2023, vehicles using the intelligent speed assistance technology drove over 133,400 miles.

Vehicles with intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology successfully traveled within speed limit parameters 99 percent of the time, officials say.

The use of ISA technology also accounted for a 36 percent reduction in hard braking events, which is often an indicator of unsafe driving, according to the New York City Mayor's Office.

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“Our administration is leading by example on street safety, and the results of the intelligent speed assistance pilot show that we can leverage technology to reduce unsafe driving behaviors,” said Mayor Adams. “This pilot helped ensure almost all drivers with this technology in their cars complied with local speed laws," Adams said.

Vehicles Do Have Override Button

NYC Mayor's Office
NYC Mayor's Office

Each participating vehicle comes equipped with an override button.

This button overrides the ISA technology for 15 seconds which officials note "may be helpful in certain hazardous situations."

The override button was used about 600 times during the four-month pilot program. The button was most used during the first weeks of the program when drivers were getting used to the technology, officials note.

Thousands Are Vehicles To Get New Technology

New York State Police
New York State Police

The pilot program will continue throughout 2023. But, what's next after the successful pilot program? Well, New York City officials hope to put the ISA technology in over 7,500 vehicles.

"This first-in-the-nation pilot should serve as a model for other states and municipalities, and one we are eager to continue in more of our fleet vehicles in the future.”

New York City officials recently submitted requests for grant funding from the federal government to broaden the rollout of ISA to approximately 7,500 fleet vehicles over the span of three to four years.

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"If funding is secured, this would be the largest coordinated rollout of ISA technology in the world," the New York City Mayor's Office stated in a press release.

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