Health advisories were issued for all New York State residents. Officials say to have an N-95 handy and watch for cellphone alerts.

Air quality advisories are being issued for all of New York State because of Canadian wildfire smoke.

Air Quality Health Advisories in Effect For Long Island, NYC Metro, Lower Hudson Valley, Upper Hudson Valley, Adirondacks, Eastern Lake Ontario, Central, and Western Regions.

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Smoke From Canada Returns To New York State Causing Air Quality Health Advisories

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Blows South Creating Hazy Conditions On Large Swath Of Eastern U.S.
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The New York State DEC and New York State Department of Health issued the Air Quality Health Advisories for fine particulate levels that are unhealthy for any New Yorker due to smoke for the Western New York, Eastern Lake Ontario, Central New York, Adirondacks, and Upper Hudson Valley regions.

Air Quality Health Advisories were also issued for the Lower Hudson Valley and New York City Metro regions, where smoke is forecast to reach levels that are "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups."

On top of that, an Air Quality Health Advisory for ozone that is "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" was issued for New York City and Long Island.

Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Blows South Creating Hazy Conditions On Large Swath Of Eastern U.S.
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"This will be the 3rd time this year that Canadian Wildfire smoke impacts the Hudson Valley. It won't be as severe as the June 6th and 7th smoke... that turned the skies orange and looked like the apocalypse was upon us. Guidance suggests we won't be nearly that bad on Monday. However, it is likely to be worse than the June 30th smoke, with Unhealthy air expected across the region. The worst conditions are expected to be as you go further north," Hudson Valley Weather stated on Facebook Monday morning.

Officials believe the smoke should slowly move out of the state on Tuesday. The DEC is watching the forecast to determine if any Air Quality Health Advisories will be needed for Tuesday.

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