A new online game about the New York housing market is sweeping the nation and leaving out-of-towners shocked.

NBC 4 New York called "Lord of the Rent" a new "World-like" game. This online game tests how much you know about real estate in New York.

New Wordle-Like Game Is About New York

Internet Word Game Wordle Goes Viral
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How much do you know about real estate in New York City? Instead of guessing letters, like in Wordle, Lord of the Rent players guess apartment prices in New York City.

Lord of the Rent provides players with multiple clues to make an educated guess about the apartment's monthly rent. Clues include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, amenities and if pets are allowed.

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After you guess the rent the game either congratulates you for a great guess or offers a jab about your real estate knowledge. You only get one guess, so choose wisely!

New York City Apartment Game Is Sweeping Nation

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For example, in the Lord of the Rent game I just played I was shown a studio apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The listing states this apartment is located on the first floor and comes with one bathroom, hardwood floors, an elevator and a live-in super. Cats and pets are allowed.

I guessed $2,000 a month for rent. The actual price is $2,400 a month. Which is about what I pay for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom "luxury" apartment in the Hudson Valley.

My guess was close enough that the website didn't really make fun of it stating "Not for nothing, We've seen worse..."

Unlike Wordle, where you play one game a day, Lord of the Rent allows you to take guesses on multiple apartments each day.

Have you played?

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