Massive traffic delays are expected in and around New York State after a crash caused a gas tanker to erupt into flames. This will force a bridge to be demolished.

A stretch of I-95 in Connecticut could be closed for a significant period of time, affecting traffic in the Hudson Valley and other drivers from New York.

Gas Tanker Erupts Into Flames After Crash

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State Of Emergency Declared

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Massive Traffic Delays Expected

Officials warn traffic is expected to be "massive" over the next few days.

Around 125 thousand vehicles drive through the area each day. This will cause long delays on I-95 and other roads and highways in Connecticut and the Hudson Valley, officials warn.

Vehicles on I-95 in the area will be detoured between exits, 14 and 15. Local streets are expected to be packed.

Traffic Expected In Westchester County, I-84

Drivers are also warned this incident will lead to more traffic in the Lower Hudson Valley or on I-84 in Connecticut.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Extra traffic is expected in Westchester County or Interstate 84.

I have friends who live in Connecticut and Boston. Google Maps always suggests I take I-84 from the Hudson Valley into Connecticut to get to them.

Whenever I drive, I ALWAYS deal with traffic on I-84 in Connecticut. So, I can't imagine how bad traffic will be in the area over the next few days.


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Delays May End Monday Morning

Richard Whitman/FB
Richard Whitman/FB

Gov. Lamont is hopeful, keyword hopeful, that I-95 in Norwalk could reopen by Monday morning.

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