Five puppies have been rescued from inside an air-tight container shipping container that was found next to a dumpster on the side of I-84 on Monday.

If you are like us and love dogs you might have a hard time making it through the rest of this article without either tearing up or getting extremely angry, or maybe both. It all started on Monday when Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, New York shared a heartbreaking story involving 5 puppies and a tightly sealed plastic shipping container.

Puppies Found in Container

Puppies Thrown Away Like Trash in Bedford, New York

Yes, unfortunately, you read that right according to a post on Adopt-a-Dog's Facebook page, that explained how they were faced with an "unimaginable act of cruelty." The post said,

"Today, our hearts were shattered into a million pieces as we were confronted with an unimaginable act of cruelty."

The unimaginable act of cruelty involved five innocent puppies, just babies, that were "callously thrown away like trash in a closed, air-tight container, left to perish in a dumpster in Bedford."

Puppies Found in Container New York

Puppies Rescued in Bedford, New York

Thankfully the 5 puppies were discovered by a garbage man who was removing garbage from a dumpster located on the side of I-84 in Bedford. The garbage man told News 12 that he heard whimpering coming from the airtight shipping container and when he opened it he found the puppies and called the police. Police recovered the puppies and brought them to the Adopt-A-Dog shelter in Armonk, NY.

Police say that the puppies who are between 6 months and one year old were likely stuck in that container for at least 24 hours and were "incredibly emaciated".

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Adopt A Dog has begun treating the puppies and is hoping that the dog-loving community can help by donating to help offset the cost involved in their recovery. They are also seeking foster homes and adopters for the puppies. For more information check out Adopt A Dog Shelter online here.

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