An animal rescue shelter which specializes in rehabilitating dogs with behavioral issues recently opened up in the Hudson Valley.

Recently, Ulster County Canines officially opened its doors in Saugerties.

Operating out of the facility formerly known as Canine Country Club, founder Jamie Stech hopes to create a new avenue towards rescue for dogs in need.

Ulster County Canines specializes in the rehabilitation and adoption of dogs who display behaviors that often present obstacles in being adopted.

Many of the dogs end up at Ulster County Canines because of their socialization difficulties with other animals or humans.

Often the issues are due to neglect, abuse or simple lack of exposure to typical stimuli found in modern society, according to Ulster County Canines.

The rescue shelter is creating a "Social Improvement Program" tailored to each dog and implemented at a pace each dog sets for themselves, officials say.

Executive Director and founder Jamie Stech is a certified professional dog trainer and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Since opening its doors in late 2018, five dogs have been successfully adopted and eight others are waiting for their forever home.

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